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Science Fiction


Beauty – What are the consequences of our obsession with beauty? Even if we are hardwired to prefer beautiful people, is there any reason to ignore this conditioning? Is beauty subjective or have we all been trained to prefer the same traits? Are there any downsides to being beautiful?

Diversity – Why are some genetic differences lauded (e.g. beauty, athletic ability, etc.) and others hated (e.g. skin color, hair texture, etc.)?

Technology - What will be the first generation of “designer babies” or are we already there? Are the moral and ethical concerns about bioengineering well-founded or are the benefits of this technology beyond reproach?

Power – Beauty, intelligence, and money are all forms of power, but is one superior to the others? Which form of power would you prefer and why? In a survival contest between those with beauty, brains, or money, who would win? 


Beautiful people are considered to be malevolent and are consigned to a life of loneliness and rejection. When a mother teaches her child to thwart the system, is she confirming the suspicions she’s trying to disprove?